Tony Rodgers

Tony Rodgers - Head of Performance

A first class honours graduate in Mechanical Engineeing from Queen's University Belfast. Tony developed his passion for combustion engines in QUB working with some of the most influential people involved in high performance engine development.

Having been involved in motorsport, first karting then car racing since 1989 Tony has a perfect combination of experience and technical expertise to be successful. A methodical and logical thinker Tony will be often more than 1 step ahead of the competition.

Tommy Rodgers

Tommy Rodgers

Tommy is the oldest member of the TRED team. Having guided Tony successfully throughout his karting and car racing career, his experience is both invaluable and a vital input to the TRED pursuit of excellence.

Tommy, having now been involved in karting for over forty years, has wealth of knowledge which compliments Tony's innovative ideas perfectly. There is quite simply nothing that Tommy can't put his mind to. One of the most logical and sometimes candid characters in the game his ideas are unique and very much outside the box, something which is essential to gain that edge.